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Morphology and surface ultrastructure of seed in Luzula taurica (V.I. Krecz.) Novikov (Juncaceae)


Igor G. Olshanskyi

Luzula taurica (V.I. Krecz.) Novikov – species of the sect. Luzula (Luzula DC, Juncacea Juss.). This species occurs in the Crimea, on the Balkan and Apennine Peninsula. The paper presents the results of studies of morphological structure and seed surface of Luzula taurica (V.I. Krecz.) Novikov. Seeds 1,0-1,2 mm long, 0,7-0,8 mm wide; appendage (0,2) 0,3-0,4 (0,5) mm long; fibrilate. The seed surface has tetragonal, pentagonal or hexagonal, elongate or roundish cells.<

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