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Morphological differentiation of Rosa agrestis Savi in the buffer zone of the Low Tatras National Park (Slovakia)


Anna Sołtys-Lelek, Beata Barabasz‑Krasny, Peter Turis, Ingrid Turisová

The paper presents morphological diversity within Rosa agrestis Savi, species identified among others in the buffer zone and the area of the Low Tatras National Park (Slovakia). This taxon belongs to the polymorphic section Caninae DC. em. Christ, and its morphological differentiation particularly relates to the degree of hairiness and glandularity of leaves and the presence or absence of glandules on pedicels. Based on these features four varieties of this species (R. agrestis var. agrestis, R. agrestis var. albiflora (Opiz.) Degen, R. agrestis var. gizellae (Borbás) R. Keller, and R. agrestis var. schulzei) were distinguished in Europe (Popek 1996). The occurrences of all these varieties were found in the analyzed area.



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