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Morpho-anatomical peculiarities of Asplenium × souchei Litard and its parent forms


Olesya O. Bezsmertna, Natalia V. Nuzhyna

The comparative analysis of structural features of some morphological characters has been conducted. Anatomic peculiarities of petioles of Asplenium × souchei Litard. and its parental forms (A. obovatum Viv. subsp. billotii (F.W. Schultz) O. Bolòs, Vigo, Masalles & Ninot and A. septentrionale (L.) Hoffm.) in correspond with systematics are mentioned. Accordingly to the morphologic peculiarities of leaf blade (shape and dissection) of A. × souchei is closer to A. obovatum Viv. subsp. billotii than to A. septentrionale. But the anatomic structure and cross-sectional shape of petiole of A. × souchei place this species closer to A. septentrionale. The species A. × souchei we recommend to include in the next edition of the Red Book of Ukraine.



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