Modern Phytomorphology

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Molecular, histological and embryological analysis of regenerants obtained during in vitro culture of immature embryos of apomictic Taraxacum belorussicum Val. N. Tikhom.


Monika Tuleja, Halina Ślesak, Krystyna Musiał, Andrzej J. Joachimiak

Dandelion as a model herbal plant has a wide application in analysis of genetic, molecular background of apomictic reproduction. Taraxacum belorussicum Val. N. Tikhom. is a triploid species belonging to Taraxacum sect. Palustria. As an obligatory apomictic plant it presents attractive experimental material for apomixis and somatic embryogenesis aspects. Here we present the preliminary studies showing direct organogenesis and genetic stability of the regenerants achieved during in vitro culture of dandelion along with their embryological analysis.



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