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Microstructural features of water fern Salvinia natans (L.) All. organ surfaces


M. M. Shcherbatiuk, L. M. Babenko, O. A. Sheyko, I. V. Kosakivska

The microstructure of the organs surface of the water fern Salvinia natans (L.) All. has been studied under scanning electron microscope. It was established that the existence on the border between air and water environments is suported by specific microstructure of floating leaves. The adaxial side of floating leaves has well-developed cuticle and stomata placed below the level of epidermis, while abaxial surface of such leaves and submerged modified leaves are characterized by ultra-thin cell walls of the epidermis and numerous filamentous trichomes. We calculated number of stomata per unit area of leaves and the average diameter of stomata. It is claimed that the structure of wall of the sporocarp promotes the passage of the annual summer-green rhythm. Sporocarp provides diving of mega- and microsporangia to the bottom of the water reservoir in autumn and their raising on the water surface in the spring after destruction of its walls.



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