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Micromorphology of the halophyte Juncus gerardii Loisel. subsp. gerardii (Juncaceae)


O. Futorna, I. Olshanskyi

It has been established that anatomical structure of vegetative organs of the halophyte Juncus gerardii subsp. gerardii combines xeromorphic and halomophic features. Such features as parenchyma lining, good development of bulliform cells, and weak development of mechanical tissue are typically halomophic. However, plants also have features considered as xeromorphic: e.g. smaller cells of the tissues, the high length of the cells in palisade mesophyll (in the leaves), and length of the cells in chlorenchyma (in the stem). The seeds of J. gerardii subsp. gerardii have not special morphological or anatomical adaptations to germination at the high level of salinity.



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