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Macro- and micromorphological studies of Clypeola species (Brassicaceae) in Iran


Sousan Abbasian, Maryam Keshavarzi

Clypeola is an annual genus from Brassicaceae with four (C. jonthlaspi, C. aspera, C. lappacea and C. dichotoma) species in Iran. These are plants of different habitats and found as early spring therophytes in semiarid regions of Iran. In this study 63 populations of Clypeola genus have been studied by 49 macro- and micromorphological features. Results were analyzed by use of multivariate statistical methods. Cluster analysis, factor analysis and ordination methods were applied. The result showed that such characters as pedicle, trichome, stamen, petal features and sculpture of fruit surface have valuable diagnostic in separating of these species. In present study it was also found that the use of seed surface character in not effective alone for taxa delimitation except of some C. jonthlaspi subspecies. Among leaf features, trichome ornamentations, their position and branching pattern are effective for species separation. Fruit hairs are of diagnostics importance in species separation too.



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