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Leaf area index of sweet corn (Zea mays ssp. saccharata L.) crops depending on cultivation technology in the drip-irrigated conditions of the south of Ukraine


Pavlo V. Lykhovyd, Viktor O. Ushkarenko, Sergiy O. Lavrenko, Nataliia M. Lavrenko, Oleksandr H. Zhuikov, Ivan M. Mrynskyi, Nataliia O. Didenko

The paper presents the results of the study dedicated to the investigation of sweet corn leaf apparatus growth and development in dependence to the crop cultivation technology elements, viz. depth of plowing, mineral fertilizers application doses, plants density, in the drip-irrigated conditions of the South of Ukraine. The field trials were carried out during three years (2014-2016) by using the split-plot design method in four replications with accordance to the modern requirements of the experimental work in agronomy. The results of the study showed the significant effect of all the studied agro technological treatments on the crop leaf apparatus. The highest Leaf Area Index (LAI) that averaged to 3.72 was obtained under moldboard plowing at the depth of 20-22 cm, fertilization with N120P120, and plants density of 80000 ha-1. The total amplitude of fluctuation of LAI averaged to 2.42. Increased plowing depth improved LAI of sweet corn only under the non-fertilized conditions, however, increased fertilizers doses and thickening of the crops positively affected the studied bio-metric index.



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