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Influence of growth retardant and nutrient levels on ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) in soilless culture under protected structure


Tamanna Arif*, Bhoomika H.R, Ganapathi M, Nataraj S.K. and Sadashiv Nadukeri

Ginger is an esteemed crop valued for its aromatic and pungent rhizomes. With its wide usage there is an urgent need to go for its cultivation in large scale to meet the demand. Availability of quality planting material and occurrence of pests and diseases are the limiting factors for its cultivation. Thus the present investigation was carried out with an objective to produce quality seed rhizomes in soilless culture under protected structure. Crops under protected structures result in profuse vegetative growth; since rhizomes are of economic concern use of growth retardants have been proven beneficial. Coupled with it is the basic exhaust nature of the ginger crop. Hence experiment was carried out using growth retardant and nutrients of various levels consisting of 12 treatment combinations in total. Of all the treatments, N3G2 was found better in terms of growth, yield as well as quality traits. The rhizomes obtained were devoid of pests and diseases. Thus soilless cultivation of ginger under protected structure can be a viable solution to overcome the production constraints.


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