Modern Phytomorphology

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Influence of fertilization on leaf blade area and yield of two grass species


Mirosław Kasperczyk, Joanna Szkutnik, Piotr Kacorzyk

In this paper assessed effects of fertilization on leaves blade area and yield of two grasses: cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) and timothy (Phleum pratense L.). The evaluation was carried out in 12-days intervals during the first regrowth. Elements of the assessment were: number of leaves, leaves blade area, and yield. During the research cocksfoot created 5 leaves and timothy 7 leaves. Timothy leaf blade area was almost 2 times higher than the cocksfoot. In both species found positive correlation between fertilization, the total area of blade leaves and yielding. However, there was no such correlation in the case of differences in the total area of leaves and yielding between species. Timothy was characterized by almost 2 times higher leaf blade area compared with cocksfoot, however their yielding was similar.



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