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Influence of different concentrations of jasmonic acid on in vitro development of Catasetum fimbriatum Lindl. (Orchidaceae)


Juliana Antunes Silva Maia, Cristiano Pedroso de Moraes

In vitro seeding constitutes an indispensable tool for propagation of the main commercial species of orchids. This study aimed to analyze the in vitro development of Catasetum fimbriatum under different concentrations of jasmonic acid in Murashige & Skoog culture medium compound of ½ macronutrients. After 180 days of cultivation, concentration of 0.25 and 0.50 μL • L-1 caused a significant increase in number of roots and leaves. The concentration of 1.00 μL • L-1 showed the best result for the length of longest root and largest leaf, the total length of seedling, and the total fresh and dry masses. Nevertheless, the use of this plant regulator on in vitro culture media still requires further investigations to determine the optimal concentration in order to obtain desirable phytotechnical characteristics in different orchid species.



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