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In vitro organogenesis in Rumex thyrsiflorus Fingerh. – problems of sex ratios


Halina Ślesak, Katarzyna Dziedzic, Dagmara Kwolek

Rumex thyrsiflorus Fingerh. is one of the few dioecious plant species, which have sex chromosomes. We conducted the preliminary experiments to determine the type of morphogenesis of R. thyrsiflorus explants cultured in vitro and to verify, using PCR-based methods, if there is the relationship between sex and morphogenetic response of explants micropropagated under in vitro conditions. The results of our studies revealed the female-biased sex ratios among explants cultured in vitro (M:F=1:1.7). The female-biased sex ratios in case of explants showed organogenesis in vitro (M:F=1:2.44) may suggest a higher regeneration ability of female explants.



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