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Implementation of the potential of dietary potato varieties in the conditions of the Northeastern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine


Vladyslav Kovalenko, Yevheniia Butenko, Pavlo Serdiuk, Arthur Shevych, Oleksandr Serdiuk, Viktor Zakorko

To determine the level of implementation of genetic resources of dietary potato varieties when grown under organic farming conditions, without the use of chemical substances, and to determine the maximum possible potential of the varieties involved in the study, as well as to analyze the content of dry matter and starch in dietary potato varieties. The analysis of the obtained results indicates that dietary varieties have different productivity indicators. The highest indicators of tuber quantity per plant (6.4), yield (571 g/plant), and starch content (11.8%) among other varieties. The Solokha variety also showed higher productivity results compared to the Khortytsia and Gurman varieties, with marketability (97%), yield (354 g/plant), dry matter (20.30%), and starch content (11.0%).


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