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Herbal advancements in the treatment to accelerate wound healing


Shyam Bass*, Sheetu and Asees Kaur

An injury or a wound is an anatomical and functional disturbance to the tissue. Wound healing is a complicated mechanism of tissue regeneration or remodelling that occurs in response to an injury. Plants and plant-derived constituents have long been used to heal and handle various forms of wounds. Currently, various forms of biopolymers are being studied in order to create a cost-effective, long-lasting, durable, and reliable delivery mechanism for the treatment of wounds.

Wound treatment providers have revisited ancient healing practices by using conventional and complementary medicine in wound recovery due to the rise of multi-resistant pathogens and a decline in modern antibiotics. People’s attitudes toward alternative medicine have shifted as well, which is very positive. The idea of moist wound healing has gained a lot of attraction, and conventional medicine has begun to use it to speed up the healing process. In wound care treatment, several experiments using herbal and conventional medicine from various continents have been published.


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