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Gynoecium morphology and vascular anatomy in Gladiolus ×hybridus C. Morren hort. (Iridaceae Juss.)


Christyna I. Skrypec, Аnastasiya V. Odintsova

Gynoecium of Gladiolus ×hybridus C. Morren hort. is eusyncarpous, with synascidiate, symlicate, hemisymlicate and asymplicate vertical zones. Ovules lie in the symlicate and hemisymlicate zones, style and stigma composed of asymplicate zone. Septal nectary is placed in the upper part of symlicate zone and in the hemisymlicate zone. Carpel trace is three-bundled. Dorsal carpel bundles are integrated with the vascular strands of perianth and androecium.



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