Modern Phytomorphology

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Gynoecium micromorphology and vasculature іn Sansevieria hyacinthoides (L.) Druce (Asparagaceae Juss.)


Oksana S. Fishchuk, Anastasiya V. Odintsova

In the gynoecium of Sansevieria hyacinthoides synascidiate, hemisynascidiate, hemisymlicate and asymplicate vertical zones are available. Ovule lies medially in the hemisynascidiate zone. Carpel trace is three-bundled. Septal nectary height is twice as locule height due to the extension of the nectary in the ovary base and roof. Septal nectaries at the various levels correspond to infralocular, internal and external types. Peculiarly, that nectary splits in its bases are not connected by epidermal cells.



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