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Fruit wall anatomical structure of the genus Betula section Lenta (Betulaceae)


Olga V. Yatsenko, Igor O. Yatsenko

The fruits of the Lentae are referred to lower syncarpous nuts. Unlike most birches, the three-lobed scales in section Lentae stay attached to the axis for a long time. The fruit wall is differentiated into epicarp (derivative of outer tissues of inferior ovary, the tissues of receptacular origin) and the pericarp itself (mesocarp and the endocarp derivating from the ovary wall). The epicarp consists of two zones: epidermis and subepidermal zone. Two-four layers of larger sclerenchymatous cells represent the mesocarp. Several layers of parenchymatous cells, which are squeezed and partly obliterated by fruit maturity, compose endocarp. The morphogenetic type of fruit of the genus Betula section Lentae is the pyrenarium of the Olea-type.



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