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Floristic, chorological and biological form of some plants in part of Lar National Park, Iran with emphasis on Asteraceae, Poaceae, and Lamiaceae


Behnaz Hamidi, Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Hamdi*, Alireza Iranbakhsh, Mostafa Asadi and Younes Asri

Lar National Park, one of the most beautiful plains, 70 km east of Tehran on Haraz Road, is one of the protected areas of Iran which is located on the border of Tehran and Mazandaran provinces. Since Lar National Park is protected by the Environment Organization and for this reason, any harvesting of plants or entry of some areas is prohibited, so this study was conducted to prepare a list and vegetative form of some of its plants for the knowledge of botanists which relates to a small part of Lar National Park. For the floristic study of this part of the region, samples were collected from June to September in 2017-2018, which 30 family were identified. The floristic study of plants in the Lar region shows that 3 families have the highest frequency. Also, our result is compared with the Poloor region in which two areas were close to each other in terms of the dry season. In terms of plant species identification, it shows that the Lar plain region as Poloor region is one of the largest families of the region Astraceae, Poaceae and Lamiaceae, study of biological form and chorology, and frequency of three families in Lar region and compares it with the adjacent area which is Poloor.


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