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Evaluation of protective properties of plants in the phytobiopreparation for the production of environmentally friendly cow's milk and improving the health of animals against the background of chronic intoxication with toxic metals Cd and Pb


Mamenko O.M., Portiannyk S.V* and Khrucskiy S.S

The ecological problem of pollution of the environment and its components of water, soil, plants with toxic metals cadmium and lead has been exacerbated in various countries around the world, including and in Ukraine. In such conditions, the production of environmentally friendly cow's milk with pollutant content within domestic and international safety and quality standards becomes important. The purpose of research is to test and evaluate the protective properties of specially selected medicinal plants in the phytopreparation “BP-9” and the effectiveness of the synergistic effect of the complex application of the developed antidote substances (premix “MP-A” + phytopreparation “BP-9”) on the concentration of cadmium and lead in milk, blood, kidneys and liver. Scientific and economic experiments were conducted on dairy cows with a live weight of 500 kg-545 kg. The first control group cows were fed the main diet without the addition of antidote premix “MP-A” and without injection of phyto-biological product “BP-9” developed from an aqueous extract of 9 medicinal plants. Animals of the second experimental group were introduced into the main diet as an antidote, a specially developed mineral-vitamin premix “MP-A”, and in the third - fed premix and subcutaneous injection of plant phytopreparation “BP-9”. In animals of the first control groups, the absorption of toxic metals cadmium and lead in the gastrointestinal tract gradually increased (accumulation), as indicated by their content in the blood, milk, liver and kidney. In cows of the second experimental group due to feeding the premix managed to achieve a stable decrease in the concentration of Cd and Pb, but much better antidote properties of the premix were manifested in synergy with the herbal preparation in the third experimental group. The high biological activity of the preparation is due to medicinal plants successfully selected for phytomorphological and biochemical properties. At this stage of research, it is difficult to assess the best and worst contribution to the experimental result of each of the plants, but in the complex their protective function worked by ensuring a satisfactory state of health of productive animals. In the third experimental group of cows, the content of toxic metals in milk after 120 days of the experiment decreased, the milk met the content of Cd and Pb to the requirements of environmental safety of the national standard and Regulations (EU) ?853/2004 and ?1881/2006) of the European Union.


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