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Estimating the fruit quality after application the pruning of blue honeysuckle bushes


Iwona Szot, Tomasz Lipa

The study was performed at University of Life Science in the eighth year after plant’s establishment in 2001. In 2008 the “crown thinning” of blue honeysuckle cv. ‘Atut’ and ‘Duet’, to improve light penetration and air circulation, was done. In the next year during the “crown reduction” the shortening branches to 5 cm height from ground surface was applied. Effect of treatments on fruit quality in 2010 was evaluated. Berries from pruned bushes characterized significantly by bigger mass of individual fruit and length of fruit, however the diameters of fruit were similar to that from non-pruned bushes. Berries from non-pruned bushes had significantly higher content of soluble solids, sugar and acidity and lower content of anthocyanins as compared to fruits from pruned bushes. Significantly bigger fruit with regard to their weight, length and diameter stated in the 2nd harvest. Fruits from 2nd harvest had much more soluble solids, sugar, anthocyanins and acidy versus that harvested in the 1st term.



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