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Electroncytochemical study of H+-ATPase in maize roots


Olena M. Nedukha, Elizaveta L. Kordyum, Galina V. Shevchenko, Julia V. Ovcharenko

The results of electron-cytochemical study of the localization of Mg2+-activated Н+-АТPase in Zea mays cortex cells of distal elongation zone (DEZ) of roots of 21-days old plants (cv. ‘Perejaslavsky’ and cv. ‘Dostatok’) grown under different soil moisture (70% and 20%) are presented. The participation of H+-ATPase in processes of maize adaptation to the conditions of reduced soil moisture was confirmed by electron-cytochemical method. The redistribution of H+-ATPase activity location in the cell membranes of DEZ cells of roots are revealed under influence of lowered soil humidity (to 20%). We proposed that the detected differences in reducing of products area of cytochemical reaction on plasma membrane and increasing of their area on tonoplast of vacuoles in the cells of DEZ of roots under conditions of drought obviously enhance turgor cells for optimize their growth and optimal physiological state and also for plant adaptation to reduce moisture in the soil.



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