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Effect of the cultivation technology elements on the activation of plant microbe symbiosis and the nitrogen transformation processes in alfalfa agrocoenoses


I. M. Didur, V. I. Tsyhanskyi, O. I. Tsyhanska, L. V. Malynka, A. O. Butenko*, Masik I. M., T. I. Klochkova

The effect of pre-sowing seed treatment with inoculant and its combination with a plant growth stimulant in terms of the optimization of the level of soil acidity on the formation of symbiotic plant productivity and the accumulation of biological nitrogen in the soil has been studied. On the basis of the results obtained it has been found that the use of pre-sowing treatment of alfalfa seeds with rhizobophyte in combination with Emistym S against the background of soil liming and the application of the full rate of lime subject to hydrolytic acidity provides the accumulation of the largest amount of biologically fixed nitrogen. This is on average over the years of research has run at 236.1 kg/ha.


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