Modern Phytomorphology

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Kuryata V.G., Kuts B.O.*, Poprotska I.V., Golunova L.A., Baiurko N.V., Nikitchenko L.O. and Frytsiuk V.A.

Elucidation of the particular use of seed reserve substances under different germination conditions, the role of phytohormones in the regulation of processes, allows developing new effective means of regulating the vigour and intensity of seed germination. The peculiarities of the utilization of reserve oil of corn seeds by seedlings emerging in the light and the dark have been established under gibberellic acid (GA3) action and gibberellin antagonist-retardant tebuconazole. The process of germination under the influence of gibberellic acid was accompanied by the increase in reserve substances utilization for organogenesis, intensive use of reserve oil, rising under scotomorphogenesis condition; light inhibited phytohormone activity. Under the action of GA3, the processes of saturation of Fatty Acids (FA) were significantly enhanced, the unsaturated/saturated fatty acid ratio was reduced, and the linolenic acid outflow from the seed for the needs of morphogenesis was enhanced. The inhibitor of gibberellin synthesis had the opposite effect compared to GA3. The obtained research results can be used in the development of new technologies to increase the germination energy of seeds.


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