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Effect of fertilization methods on growth of pear trees, yielding and fruit quality


Tomasz Lipa, Iwona Szot

The experiment was carried out in the commercial orchard near Lublin on five-year old pear trees of two cultivars: ‘Conference’ and ‘Lukasowka’, planted on Quince MA. The objective of the study was evaluated the reaction of pear on the method of application of fertilizers. In the early spring the surface broadcasting of fertilizers was used (N – 71,5 kg, P2O5 – 33,0 kg, K2O – 114,0 kg) and from the May to the middle of August the fertigation was applied (N – 76,4 kg, P2O5 – 49,5 kg, K2O – 84,2 kg). Method of fertilizer’s applications had no significant effect on the growth of evaluated trees. There were no differences in quantity of yield in dependence on the method of fertilization. In the case of cv. ‘Lukasowka’ the beneficial influence of the way of fertilization on morphology of fruits (their diameter, height and mass) was stated. Such an effect was not observed in the case of the ‘Conference’.



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