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Effect of “Biosept 33 SL” on the growth of Phomopsis sojae Lehman in in vitro conditions


Elżbieta Patkowska

The present studies determined the effect of preparation “Biosept 33 SL” in inhibiting the linear growth of five isolates of Phomopsis sojae in in vitro conditions. The experiment was conducted on PDA medium using the method of “the medium poisoning”. The examined preparation was used at the concentrations of 165, 330 and 660 μg grapefruit extract ∙ cm-3. The pathogen’s mycelium growing under the grapefruit extract was pale white, and the mycelium hyphae formed a fairly loose structure as distinct from the more compact mycelium of control colonies. Strong degeneration of mycelium hyphae was visible in microscopic preparations.



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