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Effect of Bacillus spp. on seed germination of selected species of the genus Cuscuta (Convolvulaceae)


Fatemeh Hadizadeh, Shahryar Saeidi Mehrvarz, Mir Sasan Sasan Mirpour

Species of the genus Cuscuta are annual angiospermic rootless and leafless (achlorophyllous) parasitic plants. Bacillus is an example of PGPR bacteria exhibiting plant growth promoting activity. In this study the effects of bacterial suspension on germination of dodder’s seed has been determinated. Seeds of three Cuscuta species were collected from field for evaluating effects of three different Bacillus on its germination. Results show that seed germination of the C. monogyna and C. campestris is inhibited by all three bacterial species. Based on Tukey analysis, the highest inhibitory activity on seed germination of C. monogyna was shown with B. pumilus (68.88%); as well as C. campestris with B. megaterium (95.76%) and B. pumilus (91.53%), whilst seed germination of C. europaea was almost identically inhibited by all three bacterial species. This paper reports the variable effects of Bacillus species on the seed germination of selected Cuscuta species.



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