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Decorative value of three dahlia cultivars (Dahlia ×cultorum Thorsr. et Reis) treated with gibberellin


Krystyna Pudelska, Ewelina Podgajna

Dahlia (Dalia ×cultorum Thorsr. et Reis) is a perennial that due to special decorative value, diversity of inflorescences colours and shapes as well as plants height, is widely planted in flowerbeds, borders and different garden containers. Growth regulators play a significant role in ornamental plants cultivation. They influence size and shape of plants, number of inflorescences and flowering earliness. Gibberellins are among substances that are commonly used in plants production. In the years 2010-2011 research on the effect of GA3 on morphological features of 3 Polish dahlia cultivars of Top-Mix group was conducted.



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