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Comparative palynomorphological investigation of the representatives tribe Antirrhineae Dumort. (Veronicaceae Durande)


Zoya M. Tsymbalyuk

Pollen grains of 22 species from 6 genera of the tribe Antirrhineae (Veronicaceae) were studied using light and scanning electron microscopy. Pollen grains of the studied species are 3-colporate, prolate, spheroidal and oblate-spheroidal, small and middle-sized. It is established that pollen grains are characterized by the common sculpture type, which is reticulate. Diagnostic features at the genus level are the structure of apertures and sculpture, shape and size of pollen grains. Pollen morphology supports the suggestion of a close relationship between Linaria, Antirrhinum, Misopates and Cymbalaria. The genera Chaenorhinum and Kickxia have the distinctive palynomorphological characters.



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