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Cell types and their status in Chlamydomonas-like algae (Chlorophyceae) on agar medium culture


M. M. Pavlovska, I. Yu. Kostikov

The classification of cell types under agar culture was proposed. Six cell morphotypes were allocated. The statuses were identified depending on the reduction of monade attributes of cells. The variants of transition from one cell morphotype to another under dissolving mucilage were shown. The monade, cocciod, palmeloid and gloeocysta morphotypes approximately equally represented in all clades. The asterococcus and mucogleocysta morphotypes presented only in Reinhardtinia аnd Oogamochlamydinia clades. Any morphotype isn’t typical for all clades of Chlamydomonas-like algae at once. The most of morphotypes numbers (5 from 6) are presented in Reinhardtinia clade. This demonstrates the diversity of the Reinhardtinia clade species. There are only one morphotype presented in Polytominia and Monadinia clades. There are four morphotypes presented in Oogamochlamydinia clade, three – in Moewusinia, two morphotypes – in Chloromonadinia.



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