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Biomorphological peculiarities of Glebionis coronaria (Asteraceae) introduced in Ukrainian Polissya


Iryna V. Ivashchenko

The results of the long-term study of ontomorphogenesis of annual grass Glebionis coronaria introduced in the Botanical garden of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University located in the Polissya natural region of Ukraine are presented in the paper. The latent, pregenerative and generative periods of development cycle have been determined for these plants during 2013–2017 research years. On the basis of biomorphological analysis, five age states of individuals have been described: seeds in the rest condition, sprouts, juveniles, immatures, and generatives. Plants of G. coronaria formed well-developed vegetative and generative organs, as well as produced viable seeds confirming sufficient adaptation to the regional conditions. Obtained results testify to the fact of perspective further investigations and cultivation of G. coronaria in Ukrainian Polissya, especially aimed with its application in food industry and pharmacy.



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