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Aspects of morphological diversity of oregano in Latvia


Irina Sivicka, Ieva Žukauska, Aleksandrs Adamovičs

Oregano populations are variable by morphology, cytology, genetics, biochemistry and agrobotany. Using international Draft Descriptor Lists it is possible to describe oregano samples and to select the most variable accessions for cultivation of Origanum vulgare L. The aim of this research was to explore the several aspects of morphological diversity of oregano in Latvia. In summer 2012, 44 oregano accessions from an ex situ collection of spice- and medicinal plants of the Laboratory of Cultivated Plants and Apilogy (Jelgava, 1 Strazdu str.) were analysed. Plant growth habit, plant height, number of stems per plant, branching density, colour of the upper surface and shape of blade of the leaf, density of flowers, colour of petals were described in this research. The results showed that oregano accessions differ morphologically in Latvia. It is necessary to continue this research to allow plants to fully express their characteristics and to explore the possible changeableness of parameters.



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