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Antecological aspects of the reproductive biology of some flowering plants of Crimea


Svetlana V. Shevchenko

The results of the investigations on processes of blossoming and pollination of some entomophilous (Arbutus andrachne L., Campanula sibirica L., C. taurica Juz., Passiflora cearulea L. and P. incarnata L., Glaucium flavum Crantz) and anemophilous (Davidia involucrata Baill., Pistacia mutica Fisch. et Mey.) plants, as well as the plants with mixed way of pollen transferring (Olea europaea L. and Camptotheca acuminatа Decne) have been presented. The mechanisms of pollen extraction and reaching the stigma has been described, the correlation of floral elements structure with the ways of reaching the stigma by pollen, as well as the correlation between actions of pollinators and processes of formation of floral elements has been shown. The conclusion about the coordinated evolution in adaptations of flowers to insects-pollinators for the entomophilous plants, and about the adaptive evolution of special particularized features for effective pollination at all has been done.



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