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Anatomy of bark of Populus tremula L. and P. davidiana Dode in relation with their systematics


Natalya V. Shkuratova

The data of comparative-anatomical study of structure of stem bark of two vicarious species (Populus tremula L. and P. davidiana Dode) are represented in this article. Methodic of the study was traditional in anatomy of plants. It was established that having a great similarity in the structure of the bark, which is justified by belonging to the same genus of Populus L., nevertheless studied species differ clearly on the anatomical features of the bark. In particular, P. davidiana different from P. tremula by heterogeneous phellem in young stems, lack of sclereids in the primary bark, the formation of sclerenchyma already in the secondary phloem of one-year stem, as well as by lack of sclereids in secondary phloem in the bark of the trunk region.



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