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Anatomical studies on Scorzonera (Asteraceae) species, subgenera Podospermum and Pseudopodospermum in Iran


Maryam Norouzi, Farrokh Ghahremaninejad, Ali Asghar Maassoumi, Seyed Reza Safavi

The genus Scorzonera with approximately 175 species is the largest genus within the Cichorieae tribe. This genus includes 55 species distributed in different parts of Iran, 17 species of which are endemic. Due to morphological similarity, the recognition of species is comparatively difficult, thus the anatomical characters can be taken into consideration. To study anatomical structure, the leaf samples were taken off from herbarium specimens and handmade cross-sections were prepared and stained with methyl green and carmine. Several slides were studied and photographed with light microscope. The results obtained from this research confirm the usefulness of leaf anatomy characters in the identification of most of the species studied. The study of anatomical characters of midrib and lamina of Podospermum and Pseudopodospermum subgenera confirms classification of the series and subgenera of this genus.



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