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Anatomical features of the leaves of Sansevieria thyrsiflora Thunb. and S. grandis Hook. f. (Dracenaceae)


Iryna V. Shkrum, Maryna M. Gajdarji, Vladyslava A. Badanina

The comparative morphological and anatomical investigations of the leaves in the genus Sansevieria Thunb. on example of species S. thyrsiflora Thunb. and S. grandis Hook. f., which are critical for systematics of this taxon, were carried out. There were found a few characters which are identical for the leaves structure in both species. In addition, some important features of the leaves morphology and anatomy were reaveled to be considerably modified in both comparable species. In particular, they could be differed from each other by the following characters: the leaves organography, the form of transversal projections of the epidermal cells, the degree of thickening of both outer and lateral cellular walls, the degree of the development of sclerenchyma fibers as well as their placing manner, the ability to accumulate oils.<

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