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Anatomical differences between stem and branch wood of Ficus carica L. subsp. carica


Barbaros Yaman

The quantitative anatomical differences between the stem and branch wood of Ficus carica L. subsp. carica (Moraceae) were investigated. In spite of the similarity in the qualitative traits, according to statistical analysis, tangential vessel diameter, radial vessel diameter, vessel frequency, vessel wall thickness, multiseriate ray width, fibre length, fibre diameter, and fibre wall thickness showed statistically significant differences in the stem and branch wood of taxon examined. Fibre length and vessel element length in branch wood is about 16% and 3% shorter respectively. In addition, vessel frequency in the branch wood is about 52% higher. Whilst the number of rays per mm is not different in branch wood and stem wood, ray width is about 18% narrower in branch wood.



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