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Anatomical characteristics of Turkish endemic Stachys rupestrıs Montbret et Aucher ex Bentham (Lamiaceae)


Baştürk Kaya, Muhittin Dinç, Süleyman Doğu

Stachys rupestris Montbret et Aucher ex Bentham, is an endemic species that show deploying at Middle Taurus and Amanos mountains in Turkey. In this study, the stem and leaf anatomy of the individuals that were collected from Mersin-Aslanköy were investigated. The obtained data from the anatomical studies shows that S. rupestris represents the anatomical characteristics of Lamiaceae family. The stem in primer structure is quadrangular, with a vascular bundle at each corner and it has collenchyma layer in rich. The leaf and stem epidermises are covered by long and short glandular trichomes. Leaves are amphistomatic and dorsiventral; and the mesophyll are formed of 3-4 layered palisade parenchyma at the upper part and 3-4 layered spongy parenchyma – at the lower part.



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