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Anatomical characteristics of Muscari vuralii Y. Bağcı & Doğu (Hyacinthaceae)


Süleyman Doğu, Muhittin Dinç

Muscari vuralii Y. BaÄŸcı & DoÄŸu has been recently published rare endemic species growing in South Anatolia. In the present study, anatomical features of this species were determined. The studies were carried out on tranverse sections of scapes and leaves, and surface sections of the leaves. According to the results, the leaves are equifacial and amphistomatic with anomocytic stomata. There is 1-layered palisade parenchyma under each epidermis, and richly developed 8-10-layered spongy parenchyma between the two palisades. Some spongy parenchyma cells include raphide crystals. Vascular bundles are located in equal intervals in spongy parenchyma. In the scape, the cortex is multilayered and the vascular bundles are located in two rows.<

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