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Adaptation potential of alfalfa among other crops with resource-saving technologies while preserving ecological biodiversity


V. Kovalenko, M. Dolia, O. Tonkha, A. Butenko*, S. Kokovikhin, V. Onychko, I. Masyk, T. Onychko and M. Radchenko

The use of Urea–Ammonia Mixture (UAM), 32% contributes to an in–crease in the productivity of agricultural land, with a decrease in the cost per unit of production of fodder and other crops. The composition and ratio of co`mponents, UAM, 32% contains three forms of nitrogen–ammonia (25%), amide (50%) and nitrate (25%), due to which the fertilizer acts for a long time, and vegetative alfalfa plants are provided with nitrogen throughout the growing season of the crop. The cost of nitrogen in UAM, 32% is the lowest, since its losses when using UAM, 32% on alfalfa do not exceed 10% of the total content. When applying UAM, 32%, the stability of organic diversity, characterized by a positive evolutionary process and adaptability of a complex of organisms associated with external factors of the environment without violations of the ratios of dominant species of organisms, was established. UAM, 32% does not affect levels of global biodiversity, with abiotic levels of agrocenoses, which provide optimal indicators of the circulation of substances, energy and information, as well as mechanisms for preserving the ecological niche and conditions for the existence of a diversity of biota.


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