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A using of biometric methods for the delineation of floral units on the plant


Viktoria E. Kharchenko, Natalya A. Cherskiaya

On the base of the using of biometric analysis of linear dimensions of the leaves, stipules, bracts and bracteoles in the Brassicaceae (Arabidopsis thaliana, Matthiola longipetala, Lobularia maritime), Lamiaceae (Lamium purpureum, Salvia tesquicola) and Boraginaceae (Cynoglossum offisinale, Echium vulgare, Nonea pulla), it has found that the linear dimensions of the leaves and bracts are changed in a similar pattern, which is different from the pattern of change of the stipules and bracteole. In this regard, the biometric analysis of the linear dimensions of the leaves on the shoot can be used as an additional criterion for establishing of the boundaries and composition of floral pieces, as well as for the homologation of shoot elements.



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